The best medical practics and organization of treatment in MALTA for people from anywhere in the world

The Group’s services include: 

Surgery – minor, intermediate & major
Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Immediate Medical Care Units (24-hour)
Dedicated Eye and ENT Unit
Endoscopy Unit
Cardiac Unit
Maternity Ward
Physiotherapy Unit
Radiology Unit (incl. MRI, CT, PET/CT,
U/S, Echo & X-Ray)
Orthopaedic Unit
Renal Unit
Gynaecology & Obstetrics Department
(including 4D ultrasonography)
Oncology Unit
Paediatric Services & Surgery
One-stop Gastrointestinal Clinic
Assisted Reproduction Unit
Dental & Implantology Unit
Med-Aesthetics Clinic
Physical Rehabilitation Centre