The best medical practics and organization of treatment in MALTA for people from anywhere in the world


Treatment in Malta is the best choice for recovery, diagnosis and rehabilitation after medical procedures. ScanLife will send you for treatment in the country with one of the highest levels of medicine in the world.

Hospitable Malta is located in the central part of the Mediterranean Sea and, in addition to a developed medical infrastructure, has a unique climate that promotes even faster recovery of the body.

All this, including significantly lower compared to Western Europe, the price of treatment made Malta a recognized center of medical tourism.

In favor of Malta, most English-speaking patients make their choice, especially from the UK. Their decision to heal in Maltese clinics is primarily influenced by:

• one of the highest qualifications of doctors in the EU;
• European level of equipment of clinics and rehabilitation centers;
• application, including unparalleled in the world, modern technologies and current techniques;
• use of advanced products with guaranteed effectiveness.

How to organize your treatment abroad?

ScanLife specialists will advise you as soon as you leave your contact details on the site, call, or send us an e-mail.

Thanks to contacts with clinics around the world, we organize treatment abroad based on individual wishes and characteristics of the disease.
ScanLife has been developing for more than 10 years and has comprehensive information about the capabilities and specializations of clinics in different countries.
In addition to helping to choose a clinic in Malta, we:
1. Fully take on organizational measures.
2. If necessary, we will select individual medical services in a clinic in another country.